Taking a chance on love. The first thought that comes to my mind is the song, “Taking a chance on love” by Ella Fitzgerald. No matter who we meet, no matter how we seem to fit when we meet someone new, it is always a chance that we take.  Smiles can help, thoughts can intertwine with each other, we can feel the instant surge of knowing this is someone we are in tune with, but still, it is all emotion.  We are reacting to the presence of someone new, and the question is really, can we trust our emotions?

We know from experience over a lifetime that emotions aren’t always trustworthy.  There is an old saying, “Marry in haste, repent at leisure.” We all have friends who have found that out to be true.  Some of us can attest to that ourselves.  We also have friends who have been married forever, and their lives seem to be very happy and on an even keel.

Throughout our lives we take a lot of chances.  How about deciding on our education, not knowing whether we are really suited for the course we are embarked on? When we start to hunt for the perfect job to learn our trade, there are a lot of detours possible.  As a woman, what will you do about having a family and raising children? If you decide to take a chance and wait until you are in your 30’s will you still have the opportunity to do so later on?

Life is full of taking chances.  I took a lot of them myself over the years. Some of them turned out well, but others definitely could have gone a lot differently.  But the chances that you take are going to affect a lot of other people over the years, your family, friends, and unknown others.  Remember it is not just your self.

So take your chances.  If you feel that you are taking them for the right reasons, for love for yourself or for others, it probably eventually will turn out all right.

At the very least you can always say as did Wm. Shakespeare, “To thine own self, be true.!” You can say, “I took a chance on life.”




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