Ever since I started up on Facebook, a long, long time ago now, I have noticed that there are several different kinds of people who actually write posts, as opposed to the ones who just check in to see their grandchildren and figure out what they are doing lately.  Often I run into people who say “Oh, I never use Facebook” in a manner that leaves me with the option of saying “I just do it for the grandkids”, knowing that is really not a true statement but a way of showing I am better than those people who do write all those silly things. But underneath I know that I really do enjoy FB, at least most of the time.

Where else can I find out how the people in my life really feel about anything? We are all so busy. When do we take time to sit down and talk about anything, let alone the more serious side of life. We all seem to be afraid to discuss certain subjects for fear that we will be shown as taking sides, or making someone else angry. So as a general rule in company we talk about the weather or friends, or what picnic we are going on, a safe subject, you know.

But we are smarter than that. As we are reading posts from people we know from all different stages of our lives, we are reminded that at some time in the past we may have felt completely different about certain subjects. And we can tell that we may have moved on to a different thought pattern from old friends of the past. And that is perfectly natural.  Lots of us still believe in the same things we were taught as children, at least partially.

But we also have newer friends who have gone on beyond us  and  we don’t always agree with them either. Reading FB is like taking a sample of what life is like, how others act or react, and there is usually a lesson to be learned. This is a big country with many paths that we can go down, and FB shows us that many new things are available to us.

Take games, for example. When I see the names of friends that play certain types of games, then I am given a small piece of their interest. I know that they at least have enough time in their life to take a few minutes for themselves. If they are retired then it can be a welcome addition to their day. We are told that it keeps our brains a little sharper. Time will tell about that one, tho.

Now that FB posts a lot of well-known magazine or newspaper articles, we can look at a variety of opinions and find out the ones that suit us. I started thinking about writing this after taking some of the many “tests” about what I think and what kind of person I am. If I believed it all I probably would go and sit in a corner like I did sometimes as a child. They can be pretty hard on the ego.

But I guess the best part is still that we keep in constant contact with friends that we haven’t physically seen for many years and we can see how they approach life and the challenges that come up. I love it when I see who “likes” the same things that I do, it gives me a warm feeling to know that I am not alone in this crazy world that we are privileged to reside in. I feel a closeness when I see that someone a whole lot younger than me has come up with the same conclusion about something I care a lot about. And when I disagree I can just keep on going, and know that everybody can’t be the same.

And when I see the birthday messages for one of my siblings or children, I can feel gratified over how many friends they have. Birthday greetings from FB telling me who is having one today are a wonderful idea, since I don’t always remember.

So this has been a post to say “Thank You” to Facebook.  You have brought a great deal of happiness to us over the years and many new friends to our lives. 495486-R1-15-22A_016



img_0365We had a visitor last night. Whew! There is no doubt about it, a little black and white creature ventured into our country air, and he brought his fragrant calling card with him.

In the middle of the night I woke up to bright lightning flashing almost constantly and the booming of thunder filling the air. Opening the window to feel the fresh air flowing in just seemed like the natural thing to do. There didn’t seem to be any wind, so I just relaxed and listened to the storm. Memories of long ago storms when I was a child filled my mind, and I easily fell back asleep.

So it was with a rested mind and body that I woke up, reached over for my eye drops, and thought, “What in the world is that?” It took a while, but another memory seeped into my brain. I remembered the time our dog tangled with, you guessed it, gasp! A skunk! My husband washed and washed that poor dog, and neither one of them was ever the same again!

Closing the window was my first reaction! Looking out over the lawn I could see no sign of the dreaded little fellow. He probably was spreading his message to someone further on down the road. It is funny how a never to be forgotten smell can bring back so many memories. Usually it is our sight or our hearing that reminds us of long forgotten events.

But nothing, nothing, ever seems to be more of a reminder than the pungent odor of our friend, the skunk. His place in the universe as an odor carrier is secure.

I’m just glad that I didn’t meet him while walking along our bike trail. He wouldn’t have wanted to move over for me, I’m sure.