Can you believe it! We are back! Back in our winter home, in sunny Florida, although it is not sunny right now. It’s windy and only 70 degrees on a November afternoon and we are waiting on a tropical storm that has decided to come and visit us.
We have batched down the hatches, put away anything that is loose, and decided to wait it out right here in our home, hoping it won’t get too stormy. Having missed an earlier hurricane this year while we were still in Michigan, we were somewhat surprised to hear that the new storm is headed straight for us. By now we would be concerned about snow that will be forming up north.
But no. Here we are and it is so good to be here. This is the 11th year since we started heading south whenever the cold winds started blowing. And it has been a hectic year, illness and Covid attacked us, and yet we survived and flew on a big silver airplane to our destination.
But it always takes a while to adjust to all of the little things. Nothing seems to be put in its logical place anymore. I find myself looking for my favorite pan or dish and oops, suddenly I realize, no that is up north. When you pack up your essentials in two suitcases and two duffle bags and a carryon, and this is what you have for five months, you have to learn how to cope with it. And it is always good to have the quick service of Amazon delivering right to our door. We can do pickup at Walmart so easily. It is just amazing how many people use the pickup service here. We parked in number 18 this week because it was so busy. Up north it is more lightly used.
As a younger person I never could have imagined living our golden years in the way that we do now. Truly I have been blessed by my husband, our family, our friends, and of course by my IPad so that I can write. Life feels really great right now. See you all soon!