img_0423Making excuses. I guess this is one that we can all relate to, at least all of the people that I know. I have to admit that some of us are better at it than others. Looking back at my childhood I remember that there were lots of opportunities to practice the art of dodging commitments to my chores. I had a younger brother, a couple of littler sisters, and there were always the “other people” out there that I could drag into the conversation when needed. My mother was a lot smarter than me tho, and usually she caught me up in my excuses, or sometimes downright fibs. No one could get past her for very long. She had that way of looking at me straight on, and then I would know the jig was up, and time to change my story.

As I grew older I think that I got somewhat better at it. There was usually a reason why something hadn’t gotten done on time, that I could manufacture. This is really not something to brag about, it is just that there were so many reasons that made sense, at least to me, that I could think of.

Fast forward, marriage, four children, a house to take care of, a part time job to go to five days a week. Now I had legitimate reasons to have excuses, all anyone had to do was look around and see that of course, I couldn’t do everything. Some things just had to get done, and the majority of them did, and I forgot about excuses, just did what I had to do.

Now here I am, one husband, me, a house to take care of, and that is about it. What reason can I make up for not getting things done now? What has to get done does, and the rest will wait until tomorrow. What is that, you say?

What is my excuse now? I have the perfect one. Just ask my fellow writers.  We are all Retired!!












IMG_0127Looking at a picture from last spring, in April to be exact, out our dining room sliding door after we had just returned from Florida.  The scene looked so delicate, our flowering tree just beginning to show its early bloom, the pool still covered up after a long, hard winter, the grass a very light shade of green, and all of the new season just waiting to show up and give us some sunshine.

I hear that this past winter there was a lot more sunshine than normal, and for Michigan that really sounds fantastic. February in the North is gray, gray, gray, unless it is white, white, white. Growing up in Michigan, I am so familiar with boots, mittens, scarfs, snowpants, and all of the constant changes of weather. As a child we often reveled in the snow and the ice for skating or fishing. We made forts out of blocks of snow or large snowballs and had picnics in them. But somehow we grew up and started driving a car or truck and some of the fun seeped out of our daily activity.

Time rolled on as it seems to do, and now I spend the winter where there is a lot of sunshine. That is great, being warm enough to go out walking wherever we please to go.

But when I look at this picture I remember all of the charms of a spring in Michigan, especially when you are on a farm, and the blossoms will soon be showing up on all of the fruit trees. I begin to see that it is time to start gathering up our belongings, thinking of what we will need when we take our long trip, the clothes that serve us well in both places, the things that I can’t bear to be without, no matter where we are. A trip can be a lot of pleasure if you are not in a hurry. There are always new roads to travel, new restaurants to enjoy, and hotels to stay in.  When I was much younger, we used to take long trips across the country, but we often slept in the car in rest stops along the interstate. Now a comfortable bed sounds a lot better. That probably makes me an old fogie, looking back at the past, and realizing that nothing stays the same.

So Michigan, we will be on our way in the not too distant future.  We will enjoy the summer and surely the fall, which is my favorite, but at some moment in time I will begin to remember the sunshine, the warm beautiful days, the friends waiting for us, and then I will begin to pack again. What a pleasure it is to enjoy two beautiful states, and the best of both worlds.




img_0781Today I began to “see” a problem.

I began to gnaw on it like a dog with a bone.

Then I began to focus on it.

It became a full-fledged worry.

Why did I do this to my Self, God?

To imagine is to “image”, to make an image in my mind.

It ultimately became an image I can see and touch.

So why did I make this image?

What purpose did it serve?

It gave me something to fear.

It gave me a lesson to learn.

It showed me how powerful my imaging faculty is.

Sometimes it is not what I think I want to see!

Cancel, cancel, I say to my Self.

I do not want to make any more of these images.

I can look for the bright side, the silver lining.

I can remember I don’t need to imagine things

that probably will never happen.

I can remember that I am in control of my thoughts,

And I can know that

wherever I go and whatever I think,

God is always there!