img_0781Today I began to “see” a problem.

I began to gnaw on it like a dog with a bone.

Then I began to focus on it.

It became a full-fledged worry.

Why did I do this to my Self, God?

To imagine is to “image”, to make an image in my mind.

It ultimately became an image I can see and touch.

So why did I make this image?

What purpose did it serve?

It gave me something to fear.

It gave me a lesson to learn.

It showed me how powerful my imaging faculty is.

Sometimes it is not what I think I want to see!

Cancel, cancel, I say to my Self.

I do not want to make any more of these images.

I can look for the bright side, the silver lining.

I can remember I don’t need to imagine things

that probably will never happen.

I can remember that I am in control of my thoughts,

And I can know that

wherever I go and whatever I think,

God is always there!





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