Today I forgot to remember the Presence of God in my life.
I was in a hurry.
The television was blaring out unimportant messages.
I had to think about what was expected of me.
Brightly light stores filled with intriguing packages beckoned me.
The phone kept on ringing with an Urgent voice.
The children needed me to be a referee.
At work the computer broke down
And I didn’t know how to fix it.
I was reminded that I had promised to attend an unimportant meeting after dinner.
I just got tired. Too much going on in my mind.

How do I break the cycle, God?
Where do I draw the line?
What can I do the next time, when I realize
The impossible has happened?
I have put God at the end of the things to remember.
My mind is filled with everything BUT the
Acknowledgement of the Presence of God!

My Remedy.
Be still and remember that I am.
I am as God created me.
The most important thing in my life is the Presence of God.
Wherever I am, God is.
I remember to relax and turn back,
Because God has never left me!



branson missouri 006


When will it get easier?
When will I always remember?
When will I look upon all beings with love?
When will I treat others with the golden rule?
When will I accept everything just the way it unfolds?
When will all paths be smoothed for me?
When I relax
When I release
When I let go
When I stop insisting
When I stop controlling
When I remember I am an extension of God’s love,
Here on earth.



WHAT IF I REALIZED THATsept 011 neng fall 007

I am filled with energy.  It is easier and easier for me to wake up each morning knowing that I can still breathe and walk and carry on my daily routine.

I am surrounded by family and friends who will come willingly if I call them.

The whole world of books is at my fingertips wherever I go and I have the time to read them.

Someone somewhere is waiting for my smile and a hug to cheer them up.

New friends await me on my internet connections from faraway places.

I don’t have to wonder any more “What will I be when I grow up?”

I can relax knowing that children and grandchildren are doing all the things I dreamed of but didn’t quite manage.

New things keep popping up in my life and I can enjoy learning them.

It really doesn’t matter if it takes a little longer, I can still accomplish them.

Having a blog,, to express myself is a lot of fun.

I am filled with love and light and energy and this is a beautiful thing.

Realizing that I can enjoy my life no matter what happens is just wonderful.

Yes, I sure do realize now!

I MADE IT!!!!!


hearts_sWords just don’t express all of the feelings that I have today, seeing all of the posts, comments, likes, presents, and joy that I am experiencing here on my 80th birthday.  Somehow I never was that sure that I would actually make this birthday a reality.  For 62 of those years I have been an adult, and just about everything that I ever really wanted to do, I have at least tried.  I have been married for 57 of those years, but it has taken three husbands to do it. Children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren have surrounded me most of my life.  I have lived in many different states, traveled whenever I had the opportunity, lived in mobile homes, apartments, houses, and even a camper during summer work in the Colorado mountains. My work usually took me to offices or banks or libraries, where I always enjoyed my work and the contacts with so many people.  For eight years I sold fruit at the Farmers Market with my husband, Bob, a lifelong farmer.  Now I am a writer, a poet,  a meditator, an avid reader, in love with my Ipad, and all of the wonderful things I can do with it, and the friends that I can meet. 

Having a major birthday is a great time to look around me, both to look back, and to look forward, and to see all of the blessings that surround me.  Thank you all my friends and family.  When I look at all of the names on the posts, I see all of the various stages of my life, and I wouldn’t get rid of any of them.  While there are always things that I could have done differently and much better, I am really happy to have arrived at this point, and know that all is well, no matter what.