After reading “Still September” again this morning, it is about time for me to renew my spirits, thank about something pretty or fun to do, and write about the new pleasures showing up in my life! Looking back, I am happy that I survived September, but I don’t need to go thru that again for a while!
BECAUSE great things are happening or about to. I know that, it’s all in the mind, right, but my mind has been lifted up. The first thing is that three great older gentlemen, sent from a local store, have just installed our new living room carpet, hauled off the worn out one, and it feels so good on bare feet when I get up in the morning. It is soft and very plush and just beautiful. The old one was here when we bought the house ten years ago.
The second thing is that we did pickup at Walmart this morning and I’m back home with everything all put away. The young people loading our car are always friendly and helpful.
The third thing is that my old watch quit on Thursday, but on Friday Amazon showed up with my new one, a Timex, in my driveway, and I had enough points from a credit card to get it for free!
And I saved the best for last. On Wednesday, at 10:45 am, we are going to get our first COVID vaccine shot, right here in our park, in our car. There are a lot of older people waiting here in Florida, so I was happy to get the phone call. It has been quite a winter, colder than usual down here, but today it is perfect.
I hope that everyone reading this is feeling their spirits lifted up too. I will be happy when we can hug our family and friends again. We are tougher than we thought for, despite all of the ups and downs.