photo of tiger and cub lying down on grass Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Pexels.com[/caption
Would you look at this! A new picture that I just downloaded from WordPress. My cup runneth over. Just received a notice that now a new free Photo Library is available to me.
They couldn’t have picked a better day for me. After watching all of the depressing news I just decided to come to my trusty laptop and see what I could find to cheer me up. The first thing I found was an article I wrote a short time ago about what makes me happy? I could hardly believe how upbeat I sounded at the time. I was about to copy that to cheer myself up when I saw the photo notice. So I pulled it up and when they asked for a subject, I put “Tigers”. Wow, hundreds of tigers, in every shape and color, popped up on the screen. Making up my mind just which one to chose was a hard thing to do. But Mama Tiger watching over her little one won out and so that is what I chose for this time.
Now that I know that I can go to this photo library any time I want to, it gives me the urge to start writing again. And it is about time. I can hardly remember a longer writers block than I have had the past several months.
So here we go. I shall continue to find photos that I love, and I hope that you will too. And just remember, like I have heard all my life, “This too shall pass.”