How long has it been since you had “one of those days”? You know what I mean, nothing seems to go the way that you planned when you got up that morning. You know, not just the things that didn’t go right, but the ones where you just screwed up.  You said or did something that should have never even been mentioned.

Maybe you said something that was really meant to be funny to everyone, but then you realized that it would hurt someone because they would think you were talking about them.

Maybe you made a comment about a group of people or the way they dressed, and you really didn’t mean to have anyone take it the wrong way.  Maybe it was about religion or politics, or just anything guaranteed to cause a stir. And then the room got very quiet and you realized “Oops, I shouldn’t have done that.”

And very quietly some brave soul, the one with the “milk of human kindness”, changed the subject, or they smiled and said something light to take the heat off of you.

We all do or say dumb things at times and then we want to curl up in a corner somewhere. We are embarrassed that we even opened our mouth without thinking of others.

But the people that we like to have around us, the ones who overlook our stupidity, who know we are all in this world together, these are the people who spread “the milk of human kindness”, as William Shakespeare once so aptly wrote.

Whenever you meet someone with this quality be thankful that you have them in your life. They will not judge you harshly. And without saying a word of reproach they will remind you that you can strive for this quality  and be a worthy friend also.

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