The Whole World is New When

I decide to love, rather than to be loved.

I decide to appreciate, rather than criticize.

I decide to go with the flow, rather than  push.

I decide to listen to my inner voice, rather than deliberately

avoid hearing it.

I decide to ask what do my children want, rather than tell them.

I decide that I am in control of my emotions, rather than erupting

without thought.

I decide that I can look for what is right in my world, rather than

what is wrong.

I decide to praise all of my blessings,, rather than condemn my 


I decide to be thankful for all God has given me, rather than a 


I decide to be kind, rather than right.

I decide to enjoy what I have right now, rather than look for

what I want next.

I decide that all is well in my world, No Matter What.

Yes, the secret is, I DECIDE!DSCF0092


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