Let us begin!

   Begin to love

   Begin to trust

   Begin to smile

   Begin to relax

   Begin to enjoy

   Begin to listen

   Begin to avoid confrontation

   Begin to care what happens to others around us

   Begin to follow our intuition, knowing what is

     right for us to do

   Begin to take action

   Begin to share who we are

   Begin to allow others to begin their journey.

Is it possible?  Are we willing to begin?Panasonic Misc 2012 581



I thought and I thought and I thought.Panasonic Misc 2012 020

Is it possible I’ve run out of words?

Can it be that there is nothing left?

Nothing to talk about

Nothing to write about

A perfectly blank mind,

Thought it could never really happen to me!


I look around the world about me

There must be something that arouses my soul, 

Something that angers me or disgusts me,

Something that disturbs me,

Something that makes me smile.

Something that stirs the blood.


How did I ever get to this place?

Where did all of the thoughts go?

I pick up my pen

I stare at my paper,

I think about writers block.


Now there is a subject I ought to be able to write about.

Lo!  Something has entered my mind.