Walking thru my quiet house on an early winter morning,
I am on my way to my place of sanctuary,
my warm and comfortable chair.
Thru the dimly lit kitchen I pass,
Stopping only to pour the water for coffee,
Waiting for the hot brew to emerge,
picking out my favorite cup for today.
On to the inviting room where my chair awaits me,
Books and journals piled high on the table beside it.
I sink into the chair, cover my lap with a blanket,
Close my eyes, and I am home.

Later I will study a daily lesson,
Write in my journal, read a special book,
Make a list of “to do” things for today,
But now, right now, I relax and know
who and where and why I am,
safe with my Constant Companion.

Outside of this room storms may be blowing,
Memories of old anxieties may prevail,
Duties and responsibilities may clamor for attention.
I may have to plan for tomorrow.
But here in my chair, I am safe, I am blessed.
No fears need dominate my mind and thoughts,
I close my eyes, and the loving Presence envelops me.

I know that I am where I belong,
safe in my favorite chair, safe in the Presence,
safe in the arms of my Constant Companion!



It’s over.
I feel like it’s finally over.
Left in the past.
Disintegrated or maybe just blown away.
No longer in the past.

I can relax,
Knowing I am a survivor,
Knowing it is all either love or fear.
And I am surrounded by love.
The love I give out will surely return to me,
The present is all I have or want.

It’s over!



Just suppose that we all followed the Golden Rule.

Right there I lost 90% of my readers. I can tell because I can feel the immediate reaction to my statement. We all want to follow the Golden Rule, it is the standard for decency among people and nations, right? But, but, but, we all know that when push comes to shove we will lose the 90% because we feel no one else will follow it. We would like to do unto others and have them return the favor full fold, bringing happiness and satisfaction to our lives.

But trust in each other implicitly is what we are lacking. We have been burned too many times, by friends or nations or governments. We have listened to too many opinions on too much television, radio, and speeches. Now we are having a hard time believing each other.

For me the word “Freedom” means the ability for each of us to be free to do what makes us happy and productive, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. There is the kicker, because it is very difficult to allow others to have their own opinions without getting excited when they are different than ours.

How to solve this dilemma? Maybe we should all try to LISTEN to others more often. My dad always told me that there is more than one side to a story. Part of the problem is that we tend to listen more often to the ones that agree with us.

This has been a Sunday morning ramble, after listening to the so called news shows. I don’t have the answers but I have decided that I want to try to listen more. Maybe it will start a trend if enough people read this on Twitter.



panasonic camera misc 022
Looking back at my somewhat helter skelter life, I am really having a rough time putting the thoughts about my past goals down on paper. Somehow I can never remember having any special goals other than the ones that are universal to all of us. When I was in my teens I wanted to grow up, get a “good” job, get married, have children, basically do all of the things that my parents had done, and have enough money to keep the bills paid.
My father had always drummed it into my head that I could do whatever I really wanted to do, and I believed that implicitly. The problem with that was that no one, including me, really believed that I would ever do much more than get married, raise children, go to church on Sunday, and in general live my life in the same way that I had been brought up.
But then along came the draft. I had married, and my husband was called up for duty, and so off we went, he joining the Army and I trailing along behind him. We lived in the West and in the South, and I began to realize that there was a whole different world out there than I had ever experienced. There were so many different ways of looking at things, and so many new people to meet.
After the service we went back home to Michigan and raised a family. Traveling had opened up my new world. At the same time women’s liberation had begun. It became more acceptable for girls to go to college or find work that fulfilled them in different ways than before. But at the same time we women still had to take care of our homes and our children. My main goal at that time was just to survive it all. I look back and remember how tired I was and how pushed I felt for a long long time.
Eventually the children grew up, the jobs got better, and traveling became one of the main goals in my life. Moving to Colorado and living in mountainous country fulfilled me for a long time. Cruises to Alaska later on in life bring fantastic memories to me even today.
Eventually I began to write, and to feel the urge to share my thoughts and feelings with others. This led to the goal of writing and publishing a book of poetry. I became obsessed with the thought that I could accomplish this and I wrote and worked and edited until my goal became fulfilled.
Now my goals seem to have quieted back down. I am back to thinking about the everyday facets of life again as I did when in my 20’a. Keeping house, connections with our children, writing, traveling, all has come full circle. The days when I had to keep pushing myself to get everything just so have faded into the past. I can take the time to do whatever I want to do, go for a ride with my husband, crochet, knit, read, read, read, and I don’t have to worry about whether my goals are getting met or not. I can study all of the things that I never had a chance to do when I was a young mother, and I can enjoy all that the world has to offer.
In a way it seems very odd to me that I have landed right back where I started. I venture that this is true for many women of my age. We are so fortunate that we have seen the best of both worlds, and now we can relax. We still remember when we cooked everything from scratch, had a wringer washer, and ironed the washing every Tuesday. We lived in a world where all of the normal people did pretty much the same things in the same way.
Now we can choose what we wish to do, and where we wish to go. That is enough of a goal for me. I have arrived at a great place and I am enjoying every step of the way.

Mixed Blessings


autumn at home 004
Time for me to say thank you to all of the new friends I have made since I started this blog in August. Never knew how rewarding it would be, or I would have started it long ago. New friends from many countries, and from many American states, how could it be better? There are mixed blessings because of the ones that we have lost along the way, and I will always remember them with love, but we have a New Year and a new opportunity to meet the ones waiting out there to be found and befriended. Have a wonderful time as we move forward into 2015, Thanks to my very supportive family, wherever you may happen to be right now and to all of my WordPress, Facebook and Twitter friends.



Yesterday was an exciting day for me. I went shopping on the Internet on my laptop. It seems like I have been spending a lot of time there lately, like a lot of other Americans. Such an easy way for my fingers to do the walking. Sales abounded everywhere for all of the fun things that cash or a credit card can manage. I knew just what I was looking for, having discussed it endlessly for months. I already was aware of all of the wonderful new features that awaited me. Lightness of weight, faster, newer applications, all of these abided on the new Ipad Air 2, and I was about to order one.
It was a big day for my husband also, since he was going to be the recipient of my “old” Ipad. This sounded just fine to him: he thought the “old” one was just great, light enough, fast enough, and had so many apps already he didn’t know what to do with all of them. So I clicked the shopping cart button, checked it all out, and I was the owner of the new Air 2. They said I could pick it up at the store in two hours, so off we went to Plant City.
It turned out to be astonishingly easy to set it up myself, everything that was stored in the Cloud downloaded itself to the new one. All I had to do was hunt up passwords for the applications. Altho I do not understand the Cloud, I do know that it works, and it is just like a miracle.
Having an Ipad is a wonderful thing for me. It has opened up so many new worlds that I never had access to. I now have friends everywhere that I have only seen in pictures, but the photos bring us all closer. Whenever anything good or not so good happens to someone I know, I am one of the first to hear it. Having my blog has brought friends from all over the world, and a different way of looking at things. Playing games with relatives or old acquaintances is a great way of connecting with each other. The ability to play my favorite slot machines without spending any money can’t be beat.
Puzzles are a great way of keeping my mind sharp. I keep in touch with relatives and friends from long ago even tho we aren’t physically in each others lives anymore.
My writing is one of the main blessings in my life, and the Ipad is a huge part of that. Being able to express myself freely is so much easier, with a great instrument. Putting articles together for our writing group is a very satisfying accomplishment for me.
With all of its ups and downs, I am connected to the stock market every day with my Ipad. I can make trades, study reports, read opinions, and realize anew just how much fun it is. Even if it is a down day, I am connected with the financial world where I can invest. And on a good day I can watch the figures on the screen and smile.
I am so happy that I have lived in this time frame and been able to partake of the pleasures of the electronic world. It was meant for me, I just know it. Someday, in the far off future I hope, my family and friends will be able to read what I have written and know me just a little bit better. In the meantime I will continue to write, play games, do my crossword puzzles on line, invest, and watch my husband as he also plays and studies with my old Ipad. He looks pretty happy to me too.



You already knew that I was here.
I do not need to tell you, God.
Why do I feel the need to inform you?
Have I forgotten that wherever I am, God is?
Or is my ego in the way again, saying,
I must remind Him, lest He forget me,
Or is too busy, or doesn’t realize how important it is.
Or am I really reminding myself of that which already is?
Wherever I am, God is!

Thank you, God.

From The Four R’s by Verlie Rider



NicholasToday I needed to know that you love me.
I needed to hear your voice.
I needed to feel your loving embrace.
I needed to see the twinkle in your eyes, just for me!
I needed the warm feelings that come to me
whenever I think of you.
I needed to know that no matter where you are
Or what you are doing
You care about me, no matter what!

And so what did I do? I found a favorite place to sit
And I became still and dreamed a dream of you.
I realized that what I needed I already have.
Husbands, wives, parents, beloved friends, sisters, brothers,
our children and grandchildren, I send my warm and
productive thoughts to wherever you are.
Somewhere deep in your hearts, you are feeling
The loving energy that transcends all of the negativity of the world.

The certainty of my love for you has returned all of the
peace and love to me that I was yearning for.
I am reassured by the knowledge that we are all
One together, united in love.