Deep inside of you and
Deep inside of me,
In point of fact,
Deep inside of all of us
Lies a loving spiritual being
Striving to come forth.
To see the light of day
To see the wonder of the world around us,
To see the beauty and to see the love of everyone,
To feel the oneness and the purpose of all that we encounter.

It is our fate and our future to open our eyes,
To open our minds and to open our hearts and Know
That we are all in this world together.
Sometimes it seems to be a difficult step to take,
To relax and know that we are here to help each other.
Sometimes it is harder to allow another to take a step toward us.
But here we are, on this small globe together.
Our lives are entwined with each other.
Let us resolve to restore the love and caring that lies deep inside,
Deep inside of You, and deep inside of Me.




Looking out my window this early winter morning,
In the western sky the moon is perfectly golden.
Reflected on the white surface of a snow-covered lake
It hangs there, round and beautiful,
Mysterious and fascinating,
And I wonder, where is the man in the moon?
Can I go back to the innocence of childhood,
Believing in that man,
Believing that all is well in the world,
Believing that the moon will go down,
The sun will come up,
And neighbor will help neighbor?
Or do I face the world as a disillusioned adult,
Watching the television news,
Reading an evening newspaper,
Fearing my enemies have put me in harms way?

God, I am praying for my misplaced innocence,
I know that You can bring it back to me.
I know that deep within every one of us, You reside,
And I thank You for the reminder of the “man in the moon”,
Watching over all of us, just for You!