IMG_0547Its a cool January morning, cool for Florida, that is, and I am curled up with my IPad. So I decide that I might as well go thru my normal routine, play a few games, just to keep my brain in working order. I have this theory that if I play some word games like Sudoku or Solitaire each day that I will manipulate my thoughts into believing that I am just as sharp as I ever was. I prided myself upon a fantastic memory when I was in my 20’s and 30’s and I actually would run tests upon myself to prove how good at it I was. My children got the benefit of my memory of their misdeeds as they grew up.
Alas, enter the later stages of my life. The children are grown and gone, in fact so are their children. I now am in the stage of my life where I play games of all descriptions. This morning I decided to redownload a game of Candy Crush with Friends, one that I hadn’t played in several years. I had gotten bored with my regular puzzles and wanted something different. Well, I found something different alright. I was playing it thru Facebook, and guess what! Now I know what all of my friends are playing – Candy Crush. I saw my sisters names, my brother and sister in laws, my cousins, my nieces and nephews, my grandchildren, friends from my writing group, friends from church and the neighborhood, in fact it seems like practically every one I ever knew.
That does it! Here I had been feeling guilty because I was using my precious time playing some silly games! Now that I know that we are all just working on improving our memory and mind, I feel a lot better. You see, these players weren’t all just seniors, they are all ages. We are all getting smarter together. Isn’t that great? I do love my IPad!