It seems like I am rubbing your nose in it for me to write about walking again for the second time in a row. Sorry about that, I just can’t resist.
We just got back from a walk around one of our favorite ponds. The weather has cooled off a bit and it is only 72 degrees at 2PM. The sun is shining, the paths in the park are filled with walkers of all descriptions, many of them walking their dogs, still others giving them rides in the golf carts. Everyone seems very friendly today, with waves and smiles galore. Out on the golf course we can see players swinging their clubs in every direction.
But the main thing is, getting to enjoy the many birds everywhere. Such a variety of ducks, egrets, swans, even blackbirds, all lying in the sun, preening themselves, keeping a sharp eye in each direction. I couldn’t resist taking so many pictures, knowing I can delete some of them later. The birds are not afraid of us, although some are more cautious than others. We have had a lot of rain lately and the ponds are full. To watch the birds swimming and diving gives me such pleasure, and I am thankful again that we can live in this beautiful place.
Thanks again for reading. Hope your day is filled with thankfulness for our amazing world, no matter where you are.