DSCF0437“I’m dreaming of a “White Christmas” This is the closest I will come to it.
Saturday afternoon and our park is being turned into Christmas time, via wreaths, sparkling trees, many mangers, and ever glowing lights. Right now it seems like it is really really early but no matter, out have popped all of the holiday decorations. I know it is still November but the Christmas fairies are out in full force. Some of the lights were never taken down after last year, and are just now being turned back on.
You would think that people would be turned on by reports of snow or ice in the far off north, but here it is no matter. When you live in a park of seniors with nothing more to do than just enjoy each day as it comes, you realize that you don’t need any excuse or reason to decorate early.
Why not enjoy the festivities, we say? Got to get ready for the Santa Claus parade, and the Christmas choir, and the special gatherings of friends, and we have a whole month to do it. We can fight the crowds early in the day to do our shopping or we can just go online, and enjoy all of the variety of gifts that are available to us. And they will be delivered either to our door or someone we love.
What fun! It seems like people are in a great mood here, laughing or smiling as they greet each other. We may look back in our minds at the huge Christmas parties where it was us that did all the work, cooking, cleaning, and all that good stuff, but everything has its season and we have turned it over to younger hands, who will enjoy it just as we did. We will walk around the darkened streets, gasp at the marvel of the many displays of lights and joy, or some may drive cars or golf carts. Our park streets are filled with people showing each other the true meaning of Christmas, love and compassion for all.
So Merry Christmas, everyone. If you should be lucky enough to come upon our park at night for the next few weeks, enjoy. The beautiful displays are there for all of us.