Just got home from our weekly trip to the grocery store here in Florida, and I am beat! I didn’t think about the fact that the first week of the month the store is loaded with social security and food stamp recipients until I was already there. We had gone early hoping to find a half empty store – NO such luck.
Thankful for a cart to hang unto, and Bob to fill the moving counter with our many items, I stood in line behind an older woman who was doing it all alone because she had a husband with her who was riding a cart and couldn’t help. I was glad that Bob was so helpful and made it easier for me. But as I watched the woman doing it alone I was reminded of my mother. Almost twenty years ago when I was in my early sixties I had abruptly come to the realization that my own mother needed help going to the grocery store. My stepfather was unable to help anymore. Realizing that mother needed help and was too proud to ask for it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I just hadn’t noticed what was happening, and I felt such sadness that I hadn’t realized she needed me in a new way. From then on it seems like we grew a lot closer, as women learning to understand each other better.
So time has moved on, and I am so fortunate that I have a companion who helps with just about everything. But I am writing this to the people who are in their 50’s and 60’s, and who have friends and family who may be way too proud to ever ask for a helping hand. We all are going to get older and somewhat slower as time goes on, but sometimes it is hard to admit to others that the time has come when we need some help. We owe so much to our elders, who have helped to make us the people we are today. And a smile and a friendly arm can bring so much pleasure to both the giver and the receiver. Maybe even a shopping trip or some yard work would be helpful.
A friendly reminder from me now can keep you from ever being as unaware as I was with my own dear mother some 20 years ago. And the good feeling that you give yourself will last for a long time! Remember, our karma, our spirit, will follow us and smooth our own path throughout our eventful lives.