If only there were a way of putting the fragrance of a freshly cooked jar of grape jam on Facebook I would most surely do it.
Our house is filled with the aroma of grape jam made with the Concord grapes that you see in this picture. They are the sweetest ones that we have ever raised here and there is a reason for that. The taste is magnificent.
Bob has tended to them all year, carrying them numerous pails of water almost every day. They were trimmed many times whenever he discovered a branch they didn’t need. For the past ten days or so he has been bringing bowlfuls to be devoured.
And I have been making jam, tasting jam, skimming jam, and enjoying all of the wonderful odors that go with it. Ever heard of Juice in a Jar? Nothing but Concord grapes, water, and half a cup of sugar all sitting in a sterilized jar on the counter, working its magic of making juice over the next few months.
I don’t can as much as I used to, but this is fun.
So wiggle your nose! Could it be possible that the lovely aroma has just penetrated Facebook? One never knows when magic will appear!

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