A A bell is not a bell until you ring it,

A song is not a song until you sing it,

Love is not put into my heart to stay,

Love is not love until you give it away! 
I am blessed to have a daily turnover page of quotations that my mother and others did for the Wood Ave Methodist Church in Muskegon, Michigan, probably forty or more years ago.  No matter where I have lived I have looked at it every day, written birthdays and anniversaries on it, and been reminded that there really is a better way to live. The quotations come from many different views of authors and different religions. It is interesting to note that although these were chosen by Methodist women, they include spiritual ideas of many different countries. I have decided that I shall add some of them to my blog to show how I have been influenced by many good and thoughtful women. So relax and enjoy.   I will add specific authors when I have them. And thank you Mother, for choosing them for us.