A warm and sunny November afternoon, and I am watching my screensaver and dreaming of all the many long ago times that they represent. Mountain camping and climbing, picnics at a family get together, holiday dinners, orchards blooming, fruit hanging at their ultimate best, daughters digging a garden pool for me, grand children visiting with their own little ones, weddings with friends and family, sons displaying their hunting skills, daughters making the pies that I used to do for them, ocean cruises and the occasional leap of a whale making everyone shout, dogs, dogs, our many favorites over the years, sons always making me proud of their accomplishments in life, little children all involved in their many sports showing their determined faces, Unity friends that will always hold a special place in my heart wherever I am,beautiful flowers for a special occasion, pictures of my parents never to be forgotten, my cousins that helped me to have a happy childhood, and continue to be FB friends to this day, brothers and sisters from all phases of my life, the farmer that is my loving husband, and smiles, smiles, smiles from all of the many people that have been and continue to be a major part of my life and my dreaming.
My screensaver is the history of my life and it gives me great pleasure to see all of you smiling in it.

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