Back Home In Florida 


6:30 in the morning, and I have settled into my comfortable easy chair here in the sunny city of Zephyrhills, Florida, 30 miles northeast of Tampa.

Big deal, right? This is my winter home, as opposed to my summer residence in Michigan. I am noticing today how many things are different down here, yet my life continues on the same path.  I still do the same things every day when I get out of bed

The big difference is the temperature, it is 70 degrees early in the morning.

And it is daylight already. That is wonderful, I love it. As I look out the window at my neighborhood along comes one of my neighbors, enjoying his early morning stroll, and he is dressed in shorts and a T-shirt that shouts “Florida.” In Michigan I live on a country road  where the cars go whizzing by and it would still be dark. No one walks very much on my country road, it is too dangerous.

The best of both worlds, and I really would hate to have to choose. Just different, and I can enjoy them both.  But I know that I am still the same person no matter where I go.  Just as long as I have my books, my Internet friends, and my physical and spiritual families, all is well in my world.