Yesterday was an exciting day for me. I went shopping on the Internet on my laptop. It seems like I have been spending a lot of time there lately, like a lot of other Americans. Such an easy way for my fingers to do the walking. Sales abounded everywhere for all of the fun things that cash or a credit card can manage. I knew just what I was looking for, having discussed it endlessly for months. I already was aware of all of the wonderful new features that awaited me. Lightness of weight, faster, newer applications, all of these abided on the new Ipad Air 2, and I was about to order one.
It was a big day for my husband also, since he was going to be the recipient of my “old” Ipad. This sounded just fine to him: he thought the “old” one was just great, light enough, fast enough, and had so many apps already he didn’t know what to do with all of them. So I clicked the shopping cart button, checked it all out, and I was the owner of the new Air 2. They said I could pick it up at the store in two hours, so off we went to Plant City.
It turned out to be astonishingly easy to set it up myself, everything that was stored in the Cloud downloaded itself to the new one. All I had to do was hunt up passwords for the applications. Altho I do not understand the Cloud, I do know that it works, and it is just like a miracle.
Having an Ipad is a wonderful thing for me. It has opened up so many new worlds that I never had access to. I now have friends everywhere that I have only seen in pictures, but the photos bring us all closer. Whenever anything good or not so good happens to someone I know, I am one of the first to hear it. Having my blog has brought friends from all over the world, and a different way of looking at things. Playing games with relatives or old acquaintances is a great way of connecting with each other. The ability to play my favorite slot machines without spending any money can’t be beat.
Puzzles are a great way of keeping my mind sharp. I keep in touch with relatives and friends from long ago even tho we aren’t physically in each others lives anymore.
My writing is one of the main blessings in my life, and the Ipad is a huge part of that. Being able to express myself freely is so much easier, with a great instrument. Putting articles together for our writing group is a very satisfying accomplishment for me.
With all of its ups and downs, I am connected to the stock market every day with my Ipad. I can make trades, study reports, read opinions, and realize anew just how much fun it is. Even if it is a down day, I am connected with the financial world where I can invest. And on a good day I can watch the figures on the screen and smile.
I am so happy that I have lived in this time frame and been able to partake of the pleasures of the electronic world. It was meant for me, I just know it. Someday, in the far off future I hope, my family and friends will be able to read what I have written and know me just a little bit better. In the meantime I will continue to write, play games, do my crossword puzzles on line, invest, and watch my husband as he also plays and studies with my old Ipad. He looks pretty happy to me too.