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Listen to these words carefully.
Angrily Blindly
Badly Boastfully
Boldly Foolishly
Fortunately Happily

Take a good look at these words. Read them aloud. Leave a second in between each of them. What do you feel when you hear them?

Angrily, Blindly, Badly, Boastfully, Boldly, Foolishly, Fortunately, Happily, Gleefully.

Emotions, that is what you hear, because that is what you feel. As you speak each word again, your emotions do an abrupt about face, switching from negative to positive and back again. Your thoughts and your feelings are inner twined in the same way that we are all connected. Every time that we are beset with an unhappy or negative thought it is possible, yes even probable that we can change just one little word and by doing so change our current outlook on life.
Our thoughts and our words are the engine that runs us. The next time that you are having a less than positive thought, stop and look at the word you used that described it. There are tons of great words that should be floating around in our mind. Let us capture them and share them with someone we love. Share them in our writing and share them in our speech.
Someone famous once said we are our own worst enemy. We use our own words against ourselves. Listening to our own positive words will bring a lift to our spirits and a smile to our faces. It sure beats hunting for the Bufferin bottle when my own thoughts give me a headache.