2012 panasonic florida 111



All day long, in the back of my mind, I kept waiting.

I did the dishes, swept the floors, made a pie, and thought about you.

I checked my e-mail, paid some bills, went to the store,

and I thought about you.

Were you doing dishes, sweeping floors, paying bills,

driving your car, and did you think about me?

Were you doing all the things you wanted to do, seeing

what you wanted to see, and living the life you wanted to


Did you pass by the phone and think, ” I really should call

but maybe tomorrow I’ll have time.”

Once I thought I too would have more time to call

tomorrow and now there is no one left to call.

Once I said “I’ll do it tomorrow, ” and now I am filled with

sadness for all of the tomorrows that vanished while I too,

kept so busy, did the errands, and walked on by the silent


I look through the faded photo albums and remember,

sometimes there isn’t any tomorrow for our loved ones.

Where did the months and years go while I ran and pushed

and shoved myself to get all the important things done,

and the telephone just sat there, waiting?

Will my telephone ever ring in time?



No matter what it seems,
No matter what it looks like,
No matter what happens,
No matter what has come between us,
No matter what life holds in store for us,

No matter what I wish I could change,
No matter what keeps us apart,
No matter what you or I do or say,

I love you, no matter what!