autumn at home 004I have a new vertical blind covering my window.
Today I realized it is like my life.
It can close out the light.
Turn it one way, the sun comes shining thru.
Lacy patterns of sunshine pour through the room
and reflect upon the walls.
Turn it the opposite, and I now have a darkened
room, restful on the eyes.
The reflections have disappeared.
In the darkness I can no longer see to read.

The blind is like my life.
When it is open, I can see clearly where I am needed.
Doorways open before me and I am not afraid.
When it is closed I am in a resting pattern, waiting.

When will I know which direction to follow?

How will I discover the right path for me?

Where is the light that leads me onward?

From Looking For You Verlie Rider 2012 Amazon