THE FALL of 2021


Fall has always been a special time of the year for me. When September rolls around the air actually begins to change, my spirit begins to rise, and I feel as if a new season and attitude has begun. In the early morning as I rise and head for my easy chair, carrying my newly made coffee carefully, I notice that it is getting light later and later each day. Lights need to be turned on in order to see my way clearly.

Fall always meant school to me. Books were my best friend. it was an ongoing disagreement between my mother and me as to how much time I spent reading. She didn’t mind me reading, that wasn’t it, but she did mind it happening when there were other things that needed doing. And reading all of the cereal boxes propped up along side of my cereal bowl instead of speaking really annoyed her. Reading my book while I was ironing pillowcases was another no no.

But getting caught reading with the family flashlight under the covers at night when she thought I was fast asleep was probably the one that got me grounded the most of all. We had a streetlight on a corner near my bedroom window and I would prop up my book there. Like I say, books were my best friend.

Fortunately I had cousins who loved to read also. We all begged for books for our birthdays, and traded them back and forth with each other. Memories of good times with each other still abide after so many years. There was no tv at that time, we couldn’t do anything on Sunday except church or a ride in our car. We did go for a lot of rides, to the lake, or to look at farmland in the country. And in September we went for color tours as the leaves turned in a brilliant fashion.

So here I am, it is September 10, 2021, it is bright and beautiful and I am still reading, probably more than anything else in my life. Hope you have enjoyed some reminiscing with me of another time and place. A long time ago someone asked me to describe myself, maybe 40 years ago or more, and i answered, ”I am a reader.” And now I can say, ”I am a writer.” what more can I say?

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