img_0532It’s a warm and muggy day in Florida today, partly cloudy, actually hot if I put the right word to it. It’s all a matter of perspective depending upon where you are today, Feb 24, because if you are in Michigan or Maine or New York today, you are probably glad that it is Sunday afternoon and you can stay home. By my IPad I see that my northern home is engulfed in 29 to 32 MPH winds driving a slanted snowstorm. When I go online I see that my friends seem to have become rather immune to it because it has been a long hard winter. How long can you actually complain about it? Instead I see that several writers have begun to think about seeds, and planting, and a new variety of tomatoes they might try out! Maple syrup heralds a new season. The one thing that we can remember as we survive those long winters is that spring will eventually show up, the crocuses will thrust their little heads, and we will be digging and raking again.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my internet friends. It is surprising how many of them I have never met physically, yet I know what they look like. I can surmise very easily what they think about, how they spend their days, their opinions on life in general, and what is most important to them. Sometimes I notice that they seem to have some type of problem going on and I feel empathy from afar, remembering what it was like so many years ago, the push and shove of daily living. The urgency of trying to get everything done just right while still taking time to breathe.
Still, I feel a closeness to many of them and you may be one of the friends reading this. You will know that you are, because we are all united one with each other in our thoughts and our memories. Anyone that you have met in your lifetime no matter how long ago, resides somewhere in your mind even if you think that you have forgotten. How often do we see someone in a crowd and at first we are really reminded of someone from the past.
So, friends, enjoy your day today no matter where you are, and know that your friends are remembering you also, and wishing good thoughts for you.