Saturday night, here in the park, seems like it is the Fourth of July. But it’s not, of course, it’s December 29th, on a warm and muggy day all right just like the song was in Chicago or New York. We’re waiting a little while to take our evening walk, at least after the needle drops below 80 degrees. And of course, we are here in Florida. We’ve had a cooler and wetter December this year and I’ve heard lots of grumbles about that, so now it is time for the smiles to reappear.
When we went last night there were bicycles darting around us, and of course the golf carts were in full force. We are one of the few people who don’t have one, and every once in a while I think about how much fun it would be to ride about the park. Then Bob reminds me that if we did get one it would become so easy to overlook our daily walks. And we both need to walk and we know that. So we don’t get one but still the thoughts seem to persist. Many people take their dogs for a ride every night also and they often stop to show them off. I have this feeling that they think we are just old fogies, and they are probably right.
It’s cooled down a bit while I’ve been writing so I guess it is time to walk. It’s dark now and there are many distinctive Christmas lights on our streets for us to enjoy. I wish you were all in a nice warm place walking too, but relax, your time will come eventually. In the meantime, enjoy your wintertime and we will see you soon.