NicholasSome weeks it seems like everything I touch just becomes a terrific hassle.  Know what I mean? No matter what good intentions I have when I start, things just don’t seem to go well.  On my IPad I lose websites, passwords don’t seem to work like they are supposed to, that darned split screen shows up and I can’t figure out how to fix it.   After a while it becomes more effort than its worth to cope with it all.

So I say enough, enough, I’m done with it, for now at least, and I go and look for a good book.  That solves that problem.  Time goes on and we have some company show up unexpectedly and we all sit and eat some watermelon. My spirits begin to rise.

And I hear about something new, new to me that is. My friend has just bought some new Copper Chef cooking pans. She is raving about how great they are, and all of a sudden I remember all of my old pans, accumulated over the years, some of them are dilapidated, to say the least.    This is it.   It hits me that it is Amazon Prime Day this week, and what could be more in line with my thinking?

Needlesstosay, this triggered my finger on my IPad, and in no time at all I had placed my order for some beautiful shiny new Copper Chef pans.    That was Tuesday.  I had to wait for two days so I started going thru my old pans, packing them away in the garage.   Yesterday the frying pans came and this morning a Dutch oven type showed up.  They gleam with the color of a setting sun.

My gloom has disappeared. The house smells like pork thick ribs with barbecue sauce, and my world has become a wonderful place to be.  I continue to enjoy all of the hours I can spend with my friends on Messenger on my IPad.  It is amazing how bright my day has become.  Thank you my special friend for  inspiring me to write again today.

The sun is trying to shine again, but it makes no difference to me. I feel the warmth of my friends and family all around me.