There is something about making lists that has always intrigued me. It looks so neat and so efficient on paper that it gives forth the impression that I have got everything under control. Making this particular list turned out to have a great effect on me and how I feel about my life. I didn’t list everything that I could have, it turned out that there are so many events that make me happy. And that is a fantastic feeling, knowing that all of the little things really do matter. So here it goes, here is what is making me happy at this stage of my life.
When I wake up in the morning and know I made it thru the night.
When I hear that one of my favorite authors has a new book out.
When I watch the stock market and see my screen turning green.
When I hear Bob tell me or others that he and I are partners.
When I see the Florida State line in November.
When I see the Michigan State line in April.
Whenever I see the Colorado State line, no matter when.
When I watch my screensaver and remember all of our wonderful trips.
When I open up FB and there is a picture of another new great grandchild.
When I feel the pride that comes from looking at all of our sons and daughters and knowing what wonderful adults they have become.
When I feel the strength that comes from knowing what connection I have with all of my sisters and brothers.
When I see our children enjoying the same activities I did so long ago.
When I read my articles in our Creative Writers and I see the smiles around me.
When I close my eyes and meditation becomes a way of bringing me peace.
When I know that I am right where I am supposed to be, and I can relax.
When I do what I can, and I love what I am doing.