Walking thru a darkened house in the middle of the night when you are in need of a drink of water or some other such matter that is urging you to rise up from your warm bed has always been a matter of being careful just where you walk. If you have children in your house, heaven only knows what may lie in your path, just waiting for you to stumble over something that would leave you on your knees. 

If there are four-footed animals sprawled around in odd places it can be even worse. They may be sleeping so soundly that you are on top of them before they even decide to open their eyes and figure out what is going on. If there is a stairway or even just a couple of steps from one level to another, you are taking your life in your hands unless you turn on the lights. And that brings forth moans and grumbles from your significant other who really doesn’t appreciate the brightness you have brought into the room. 

A couple of nights ago while on my way to the kitchen at about 3 AM I looked out the window and there was the moon, shining brightly down on the tile at my feet. I thought, hey, it really is bright in here tonight. I can see where I am going so clearly. Then I glanced into the kitchen, and it was pretty light too. A beautiful little shiny blue light shone on the wall oven. Over in the corner the digital numbers of the microwave gave light. Glancing into the living room, all of a sudden my IPad came on with a message “alert”, and I could see all of the furniture clearly. The WiFi charger that stood on a table had another very vivid blue light. 

Intrigued, I went to my office where the WiFi coming into the house stood, and another blue light!  All of these appliances were doing double duty for us all night long. When I got back to our bedroom, the digital clock was also casting forth a warm glow.

There have been times, I must admit, when I have complained about the cost of our electric bill just to be complaining about something, I guess, but I am looking at that bill with a new “light”. It is helping me out all night long. It is keeping me from having an accident because I can’t see well enough in the dark, and it is also keeping our house warm or cool, depending upon the weather. 

Little blue lights, or white digital ones, just some of our modern devices that help us to enjoy our lives a great deal more. I am really happy that I have lived in this time and been able to take advantage of all the good things being invented. I am looking forward to the next new invention and I know it will probably have another “blue light” to help me see thru the night. Just like Kris Kristopherson sang, “Help me make it thru the night!” 



Well, I knew it would happen someday.  While trying to post the picture of the pansies for my blog, somehow my clumsy fingers hit this picture of Judy and Lee Rider in our driveway a couple of years ago. And the darned thing published. Great picture, but my goof.  So this is Number one and I am going to post again, number two.