img_0722Sometimes its easy to bring back the memories,

The golden flashes of the many years gone by,

The caring and the sharing of the friends long unseen,

The smiles and the jokes over forgotten happy events,

The remembrances of old family parties,

The brilliance of the ones who always made me laugh,

The laughter of the many children at their play,

The pat on the shoulder or the occasional hug,

The sparkling eyes that met each other with a special knowing,

Even the friends who shared the sadder times with me,

Long ago memories that seem to pour forth in my everyday living,

And sometimes, yes, often, I am thankful for it all.

The experiences that have brought me here to this place,

Here to my special memories and here to this time.

Sometimes I reflect upon all the wonderful years,

Knowing that everything in life has its place,

And I have most surely found mine.


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