Today I needed to know that you love me,

I needed to hear your voice.

I needed to feel your loving embrace.

I needed to see the twinkle in your eyes, just for me!

I needed the warm feelings that come to me

whenever I think of you.

I need to know that no matter where you are

or what you are doing

You care about me, no matter what!


And so what did I do? I found a favorite place to sit

And I became still and dreamed a dream of you.

I realized that what I needed I already have.

Husbands, wives, parents, beloved friends, sisters, brothers,

our children and grandchildren, I send my warm and

productive thoughts to wherever you are.

Somewhere deep in your hearts, you are feeling

The loving energy that transcends all of the negativity

of the world.


The certainty of my love for you has returned all of the

peace and love to me that I was yearning for.

I am reassured by the knowledge that we are all

One together, united in love.

Panasonic Misc 2012 105