Christmas Day, and all is well in my electronic world!

Just sitting in my chair here in Florida, immersed in my daily solitaire puzzle on my Ipad when an alert flashed in front of me. A grandson, said my screen, You have a phone call on your Ipod from Nicholas Jager.

No phone had rung, no whistles had blown, just an alert from another grandchild wanting to wish us a Merry Christmas.  That must be the upgrade that I downloaded yesterday, I thought. Wonderful – messages all morning from sons, daughters, grandchildren, brothers and sisters,  all coming to us via our electronic world, and I am so thankful. I love to hear how everyone is doing, how busy they are, and how the children are growing.

Often we watch the great old TV show, Wagon Train, and I always think about the bravery and the courage of the people who set out on the trains, never knowing if they would ever see or hear of their families again.  Years could go by before they ever knew what happened to them. Yet they kept on pushing forth on the trains, looking for a better life.  Today our young people are doing the same thing, moving forward, to a better job, or more opportunities.

But now, even tho we travel many miles to Florida each year from Michigan, and even tho our families have scattered over the whole country, we still are together in spirit. And we still can enjoy being in touch wirelessly, never separated for very long because all we have to do is push that little button, put a smile in our voice, or on our face, and share our thoughts with each other.

Merry Christmas everyone from our house, our phone, our tablet, our laptop, our Ipad. Take your choice, it is all good, and we can enjoy it every day together.