I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. Actually all I have got here is a picture of a white tree, an apricot tree that exists only in our memories, but it will do.
It is the Sunday before Christmas, and I have just finished writing my greeting cards. Better late than never, I say. But the bulk of my cards will be the e-card kind, the ones that I can zap on my computer. I won’t have to buy them, or stamp them. I’ll just go into my favorite app, read a few different cards, marvel at how creative they are getting, and then push a few buttons. The only problem with this is that they won’t be remembered as well. Here today, gone tomorrow. But they serve a purpose because it shows the recipient that I am thinking of them, wherever they may be.
My friends and my family are everywhere. I thought about that this morning. Here are the states that my immediate family are scattered to, including my husbands: Washington, North Dakota, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, California, Louisiana, Arizona, Tennessee. Hope I haven’t left anyone out. E-cards are a great blessing to all of us. They make us smile, or sometimes even do a puzzle. They remind us that someone is thinking of us.
Of course there are still a few folks who have resisted going on line every day, but I am reminding them that they are missing their e-cards.
So Merry Christmas to all of you, and a glorious New Year. Hope that you will enjoy your Christmas card, no matter what kind it is.