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On a clear and sunny day in March of this year, I went on a picnic. It was a gorgeous occasion, looked forward to by many of the lucky people who happen to live on Beth Ave in Florida.
Tapping our feet, clapping our hands in applause as some of our friends and neighbors entertained us with a happy guitar, an old upright piano, and old time songs that we mostly remembered, we spent several hours enjoying each others company.
The food, lovingly prepared by all of us, was everything you could have asked for. No, we didn’t have a campfire, we were in our community clubhouse, and we didn’t have to worry about bugs or ants or smoke in the air. There was a great variety of everyone’s specialty, and plenty of things to drink, and no one went hungry at this picnic. No one got into an argument about anything, there was plenty to go around our tables, and we even had door prizes so we didn’t go home empty handed. My special one and I managed to leave with a new mug that looked like Easter, filled with jelly beans, and another candle that smelled like lemon sherbet.
Now I ask you, how could a picnic be better than this? No dishes to wash, no children to keep track of, just a room full of seniors, having a picnic together on a sunny day in Central Florida, knowing that they are right where they belong.
So all of you millennials, look forward to your retirement years somewhere in the future. You may be as lucky as we to find your own Beth Ave picnic someday. It is something to look forward to!